Why Linux ?

Although I don't want to turn this into a fully technical blog, I couldn't resist writing another post about my Oh-so-lovely Ubuntu - so bear with me on this one ! After a brief introduction into the world of Linux, I'll now try to win you over by telling you why you should use it. So here goes :
Why you should make the switch :
 1. It's Free. Completely.
Now I know there'll be a bunch of smart-asses who'll say "I got my Windows 7 copy free of cost anyway ! Fully activated and everything...". Yeah well it's still completely illegal and it violates a whole bunch of international laws. (Besides, it's still WINDOWS ;)). Ubuntu (and many other distros) are completely free in two ways : Free in the sense you don't have to pay a single paisa, and free in the ability to modify and redistribute the software without any dire consequences. So you can just download your copy off the internet, and use it right away. No activation, no keygen, no serial keys, no cracks, no nothing. (If you're still apprehensive about paying your ISP for the download, you can have a CD shipped to you in a couple of weeks. Yes, that's free as well.)
P.S. - Most (if not all) of the software that you'll ever use on Ubuntu is free as well.
2. It's Secure. Very.
Usually the first thing people do after installing Windows, is hunt for a good Anti-virus, Anti-Spyware, Firewall and a whole bunch of bloatwares supposed to keep malware at bay. Imagine not having to do that. Imagine not worrying about the consequences of clicking on that dubious looking .exe file. Imagine sticking a pendrive in WITHOUT the onslaught of a hundred viruses. Now imagine a world with all of this, and a system that's many times more secure. With Linux, you'll hardly ever find your system compromised by some rogue application. There are several reasons behind this :
  • Most viruses come packaged as .exe files - An .exe file is like a foreign language to Linux. It has no idea what to do with it. So irrespective of how potent and terrible the virus is, within the realms of your Linux box, it's nothing but a tame and docile file.
  • You need to be Root - Linux requires the user to have root priveleges to perform seemingly mundane tasks like installing / removing applications or making changes to vital parts of your system. To put it into perspective, no changes to your system can take place without your permission.
  • Very few use it - Since Linux users form a minority of the world's computer users, there exist far fewer Linux-specific viruses than Windows specific ones. (It only makes sense to write malicious code that'll harm as many people as possible right ?) Besides, the two are completely different in the way they function, so one approach won't apply to the other. Statistically speaking, you're far less vulnerable on Linux than you are on Windows.

3. It's Pretty. As Hell.
Probably the most important USP of Ubuntu are it's visual effects. (I admit, it was what drew me into the game). If the above jargon didn't appeal to you, then this unbashed display of pure eye candy certainly will. You can make your desktop spin and rotate, make windows explode, go up in smoke, disappear or swivel among other things. You can transform your windows into pieces of jelly that wobble at your mercy. With compiz, you can have not one, not two, not three, not four, not five but as many desktops as you wish ! (It's almost like an advert for a magician's performance isn't it ?) Well it's true, and it's all here on Planet Ubuntu !
4. High Performance. Delivered.
It's fast. Like really fast. It usually takes less than a minute for me to boot into my desktop and just a few seconds to shut down completely. Check it out for yourself !
5. Great support. Always.
Got a problem ? The solution is (usually) just a few clicks away. Linux saw it's initial growth due to an enthusiastic and active community of like minded people, and it remains just as active even today. Distro-specific forums exist all over the internet, with the Ubuntu forums being the most vast and the most diverse among them. When faced with a dilemma or problem, Google it up, there's sure to be a way to solve it. If not, post a message on the forums and you'll soon find yourself conversing with software enthusiasts eager to help you out.


  1. And, Windows is boring! Post a list sometime of the interesting Linux software you're using that just doesn't exist nicely on Windows.

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