10 must-have apps for Linux users

This is a long overdue post, and I thought I'd finally get down to writing it, inspired by my discovery of this brilliant music player - Guayadeque. All the apps can be installed from your distro's package manager. (Most of them should be available in Ubuntu's universe/multiverse repository, though you might have to manually add a ppa for some. If you're on Arch Linux, use an AUR helper like packer or yaourt, and installing them should be a breeze.)

Most of the apps use the GTK+ framework, meaning they might look slightly out of place if you're using KDE. They'll look just fine on GNOME / Xfce. Moreover, I haven't included apps that are pre-installed in most distros, such as web browsers or office suites.

From Mumbai to Thane

I don't think anyone has ever pampered me more than my grandparents. I was their only grandchild for many years, and some of my fondest memories as a child are of the times I spent at their place in Thane. Needless to say, I'd be off to Thane at the start of every school vacation. My mother and I would board a train from Kurla, a journey I disliked immensely because I hated travelling by trains. In spite of having made that journey innumerable times over the years, I never managed to learn the names of all the stations that we'd pass by. But I knew Mulund was right before Thane, and I used to get super excited knowing that Ajji and Ajoba's house was only a few minutes away.

My grandmother (or Ajji in Marathi) was a fabulous cook who'd ensure that I put on atleast a few kilos before heading back, and taught me how to read Marathi and also tried to teach me Kannada (in vain). One of her delicacies was a banana cake she knew I loved and would unfailingly have it prepared before my every visit.(Except this one time when we surprised her by showing up completely unannounced). I haven't had that cake in years; I'm guessing she never shared the recipe with my mom ;-)